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Fountains For The Winter Of My "maintenance"
- May 23, 2016 -

After the winter, three fountains attraction of Wuyi square temporarily deactivated. Recently, some readers call newspaper, wanted to know how conservation fountain in Winter Park. Reporters learned from the Municipal Gardens Bureau, than in previous years, the fountain this year winter "maintenance" will be more detailed. Wuyi square is the largest square in the center of the city, but also a large fountain garden. There are three fountains on the square attractions, namely "Jinquan", "Lotus flower bouquet bead" and "life of the imagination." "Jinquan" voice of fountains, for example, nearly 30 years ago, can be said to have become a glyph of Wuyi square, and Taiyuan. As the temperature drops, three fountains started to spend the winter in Wuyi square "maintenance". Fountain Park after spraying fountain pipes to empty all the water, all poured cold water and used to water the plants. After drainage, pool staff and then to clean up dirt and mud. Then for fountain pumps, pipe, 810 dressing, wrapped the nozzles and other facilities. Unsafe water pump, cable lines to remove the check and maintenance. Demolition of the fountain facilities would be put in storage management, again in the coming year, such as "".