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Fountain Tips
- Mar 28, 2018 -

 For the fountain, the nozzle is very important. If the nozzle is not resistant to corrosion and is not resistant to oxidation, then the fountain is completely absent. The fountain itself is ejected by the nozzle. Even the designer should be able to master the fountain according to the shape of the nozzle. Falling situation. The service life of the sprinkler is related to the quality of the sprinkler itself. It is also related to the local water quality and is also related to the height of the water sprayed by the fountain. For large musical fountains, the selection of nozzles requires careful selection. Because large musical fountains require many fountain nozzles, if one accidentally breaks down, it will affect the water type of the entire musical fountain, and it is not easy to replace the construction work. For small fountains also need to pay attention to frequent maintenance, small courtyard fountain without the complexity of large musical fountains, construction of tedious, so it is also more convenient to manage, at any time overhaul replacement nozzle is also relatively easy, unlike large fountains so complicated.HTB1QCXYNXXXXXcyXpXXq6xXFXXX1.jpg