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Fountain Manufacturer Tells You The Advantages Of Fountain Water Screen Movie
- Aug 09, 2018 -

1、the picture is very large:its night vision is more vivid than the landmark buildings of the city.

2、various forms of relatively simple and practical pool plane, rectangular vertical plane, also has an irregular vertical plane, with a 360-degree circular solid.

3、shocking the visual impact, let the audience near the scene feel the wonderland of mysterious fantasy.

4、a wide audience, not only close-up, but also vision.

We generally say that the water screen movie fountain  like this, there are many audiences on the scene. It uses high-pressure water pumps and special nozzles to spray water from the bottom to the top at high speed, atomizing water, and forming a water film “screen” in the air. Laser animation and film are imaged after atomization.