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Steps To Return The Fountain Equipment
- Jun 28, 2018 -

1. Check the permanent standards, set temporary standards and check the elevation.

2. Measure the elevation of the middle pile of the fountain equipment, the elevation of the pipeline on the ground, the laying of the sideline of the trench, the heap of soil, the interval between the stockpiles and the temporary land use plan. 

3. When the trench is excavated, the height of the bottom of the trench shall be strictly controlled and shall not be over-excavated. The height of the bottom of the trench shall be 10cm longer than that of the depicted elevation, and some shall be reserved. The artificial digging shall be used to prevent the bottom of the trench from being disturbed and affecting the quality of the project. The earthwork excavated in the trench is stacked 1.0 meters away from the edge of the trench. Support methods are used to prevent the trench from collapsing. 

4. The soil at the bottom of the trough is compacted and the four sides of the trough are built with MU5.0 rubble M5 cement mortar.