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Fountain Designer Reveals How To Make Water "dance"
- May 05, 2016 -

Water is a magical thing, mammoth, and swaying. Combined with rising tone, the effect of light, electricity, donggang fountain became a dancer. 2013 Summer Davos meeting, East point fountain opened to Dalian residents, thousands and thousands of visitors and locals, in East point Plaza stop, enjoy the visual feast. "In fact, the musical fountain is a comprehensive project, which included architectural, structural, HVAC, plumbing, electrical and process it into six parts, subdivided, and should also be combined with acoustics and optics. "Li Xuejin said throughout the design of the fountain, is borne by the urban environment Design Institute, but he admitted that" this is a crystallization of collective wisdom of cooperation, joint efforts, not one person or a few people can. Especially in areas affected by the project, covering the recent gas explosion, NC, LED technology, represents the highest level of contemporary fountains. ”

Many people are curious, donggang fountain shapes how so much? In the eyes of professionals, is not complicated. "We see a fountain shape colorful, in fact, depends on the water fountain nozzle shape is. Each nozzle is individually controlled in this project, rather than arranged in groups. Computer programmed according to different music, designed different types of water. "Li Xuejin said. In other words, the shape of the nozzle outlet has a variety of angles, and more than 600 more sprinklers, because of the different outlet angles, combined into patterns of different shapes.