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Falls Of Waterfall
- Sep 30, 2017 -

Waterfall because of its different water, will produce different visual and auditory effects, therefore, the water outlet and the control of falling water into the design of the key parameters of the residential area of the artificial waterfall falls below 1M. Dropping is a cascade of multi-level fall falls, the cascade width and height ratio should be between 3: 2-1: 1, ladder width should be between 0.3-1.0M. waterfall. Refers to the water from the steep slopes or cliffs. The formation of waterfalls is closely related to the nature of rocks, geological structure and glaciation. Waterfall

It can be divided into karst waterfalls, tectonic strata waterfalls, volcanic lava waterfalls, landslide debris flow waterfalls and glacier waterfalls.Waterfall The energy of the river will eventually build a relatively smooth, concave upward profile. Even when the gravel as a river erosion tool does not exist, the energy that can be used for the erosion of the waterfall base is also large. Associated with any size of the waterfall, but also with the flow and highly correlated one of the characteristic features is the existence of the pool, it is in the bottom of the water, digging out of the basin in the river.Waterfall 

In some cases, the depth of the pool may be similar to the height of the cliff that caused the waterfall. The pool eventually led to the collapse of the cliffs and the fall of the waterfall. Causing the cliffs in the water under the strong impact will continue to collapse, making the waterfall to the upstream direction and reduce the height, and ultimately lead to the disappearance of waterfalls.Waterfall

The composition of the river bed at the bottom of the rock and soft degree of inconsistency, the impact of erosion by the river badly, the formation of steep, hard rock is relatively hanging up, the river flow here, then fly down, forming a waterfall. It can also be said that the river in the river in the river, encountered river scarp, they fell down to form a waterfall. In addition, there are landslides, faults, lava blockage, glaciers and other effects, the formation of waterfalls.Waterfall