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Digital Curtain Out Notes To
- May 05, 2016 -

Light whips notes floating in the water curtain, this fascinating and exciting scene is no longer the exclusive of stage performances, ICIF lively corner of the area, this new, unique digital curtain accompanied by pleasant music, giving visitors a distance to enjoy beautiful music time.

On cultural fair, exhibitors gather popularity in various ways. Universal culture, science and technology group launched digital curtain up, colored lights vegetation, the notes in various shapes from the landing, on a circular stage in the Middle, a performer playing songs, many visitors followed the sound, in front of the water curtain feel a water curtain number enjoy. "But water will appear in the notes, it's so beautiful. "Miss Hong picked up the camera continuously curtain down moments.

According to participants in charge, this digital curtain system is formed by using a solenoid valve with high frequency switching patterns, NC water systems can also be used as a screen, use the horizontal characteristics of the particles as light carrier, specially crafted vector fluid onto the carrier image. Currently, this CNC water is mainly used in stage Theatre, theme parks, product launches and other presentations.