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Diffusion Flames Of Micro-gravity Laminar Jets
- Jul 22, 2017 -

                  Fire research in microgravity environment is an important field in fire science. The microgravity environment usually refers to the special environmental conditions of manned spacecraft, space shuttle, space station, etc., which exist in orbit manned spacecraft, such as more confined space, in these spaces, due to the disappearance of buoyancy, air natural convection almost disappeared, in order to maintain the normal operation of personnel and equipment, usually forced ventilation system to control the internal environment. Manned spacecraft due to the small space of personnel activities, the occurrence of fire when the escape is limited, and a wide range of mechanical and electrical equipment, the use of fire-fighting resources is very limited, therefore, the manned spacecraft and other special circumstances of the fire prevention and Rescue is more difficult than the ground, so once the fire, the fire spread rapidly, not only will make the personnel exposed to the heat radiation and toxic gas threat, but also to the equipment and other damage.Laminar Jet

                  Fire detection is an important link in the fire prevention and control of manned spacecraft, and the detection and identification of fire are carried out by detecting fire parameters. There are two boundary conditions of microgravity and forced convection in the manned spacecraft, and for these special sites, under the condition of buoyancy disappearance and forced ventilation, there is a great difference between the fire development and the fire under the constant gravity environment. The change of fire parameters under microgravity forced ventilation will affect the identification of fire, such as flame image, temperature, smoke concentration and so on, so that the method of fire detection in traditional gravity environment can not be fully applied.

                 Therefore, it is urgent and urgent to carry out research work on the behavior characteristics of fire detection parameters in microgravity environment. Because fire detection is based on various characteristic parameters in the process of fire, that is, the characteristics of the product and phenomenon of fire, so it is necessary to study the variation regularity of fire parameters in the environment of constant gravity and microgravity. The common solid and liquid combustion processes, such as pyrolysis, volatilization and gas phase combustion, have different degrees of influence on each process, and the influence of gravity and forced convection on the relationship is complex, and the mechanism of the influence of gravity and forced convection on combustion behavior can not be revealed in depth and quantitatively.Laminar Jet

                Therefore, in this paper, the combustion process is stable, repeatable and high controllable laminar flow diffusion flame, based on the microgravity environment of microgravity laboratory, the variation regularity of gas combustion parameters under microgravity forced convection is obtained, and the image characteristics and combustion characteristics of gas jet diffusion flame under microgravity are systematically, comprehensively and quantitatively revealed.Laminar Jet