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Development State Of Laminar Jet
- Oct 23, 2017 -

With the rapid development of science and engineering technology, the requirements of new materials, structures and processes are becoming more and more urgent. People should not only improve the surface properties of materials, but also to understand the interaction of elements (atoms), the formation of new phase, metastable, amorphous formation and other mechanisms; the requirements of some structural devices have reached the μm, NM level (advanced laser gyro Reflector substrate Requirements ra≤1nm, integrated circuit linewidth ra≤1μm.Laminar Jet

In the process of realizing these requirements, the application of plasma processing technology, as one of the special processing methods, has been widely used, and a new technology-plasma aided manufacturing technology has been differentiated. In fact, plasma becomes one of the important means of modern manufacturing technology, which is determined by its energy state. In the process of transforming a solid into a plasma state, it is accompanied by the input of sufficient energy, see. Therefore, the plasma as a material form has the highest energy state, which provides great potential for modern material processing.Laminar Jet

The classification of industrial plasmas and the technology of plasma processing are related to scientific engineering problems. The development and application of several typical processing technologies, such as plasma spraying, enhanced deposition and ion removal, are discussed in addition and removal of materials, and the phenomena of some processes and some potential scientific problems which need to be studied in depth are illustrated.Laminar Jet

There are many methods for the classification of plasmas, but the plasma used in industry is usually classified by temperature, and the low temperature plasmas in the non-equilibrium plasma and thermal ions are used. Under normal circumstances, the low temperature heat plasma is higher than that of non-equilibrium plasmas. In fact, it is their work pressure is different, so that their mechanism of action has changed.Laminar Jet