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Dancing Fountain 101
- Jun 28, 2018 -

Basically you know nothing ifyou are a newbie in dancing fountain area. Which means you have to learn from ZERO. That's the reason that this articel comes from. 

In this dancing fountain 101 we are going to show you what & how related dancing fountain. After walk through this group of step by step articles you will know all basically knowledge about dancing fountain.


What is a Dancing Fountain?

Literally, a dancing fountain is a fountain which can dance. When you watching a fountain, you can see water sprays out from nozzle, stop sprays out from nozzle. etc, the spray and stop follows a rhythm, then a dancing fountain formed. Technically, it is nozzles turn on/off by valves which makes a illusion that fountain is dancing. You see, there is no magic,  its  all about technical.


What makes fountain dance exactly?

It is the built-in program that makes the fountain dance. Built-in program is a huge topic, we will walk in it in our very last sections.


Why is Dancing Fountain?

Dancing Fountain is a eye-catching landscaping for garden, park, hotel . etc. You can see the never turn off cedar shape dancing fountain stands in front of white house (that one is the VIP in all fountains worldwide by the way. All fountains want to stand there, only he made it)



(white house fountain)


How do I Make a Dancing Fountain?

This question is the key in this very first article about dancing fountain 101.

Before you make a dancing fountain, you need to settle down its location & budget.


-          Dancing Fountain Location.

Dancing fountain can be almost everywhere. Sea, lake, river, pool, courtyard, roadside, door front, plaza, even in your bedroom if you can endure its noise.

For different location there will be different type of dancing fountain: floor fountain (pipes & accessories underground, unseeable)  and water fountain ( pipes & accessories are in water, seeable.)


 (Floor Fountain)


Water Fountain.JPG

(Water Fountain)


-          Dancing Fountain Budget

There are more than 20 types of nozzle you can choose from. Nozzle is a metal item that creates different water spray shape. No doubt, the more fancy water shape it creates, the more expensive it will be. Settled down a budget helps narrow down what type of nozzle you dancing fountain can use.

Fountain Nozzle.jpg

(Part of Fountain Nozzle)



Above is the dancing fountain 101, basic info included and you will learn more deep content in my following posts.

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I have been in fountain industry more than half decade. 

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