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Dancing Fountain Around Cafetia In Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia
- Aug 24, 2018 -

This fountain is a part of 8 fountain project I built in the year of 2016 in Saudi Arabia. Below you will see the 8 fountain location. This dancing fountain is at the top corner of below image.

8 Fountain Project Location

(8 Fountain Project Location by Shirley –

This dancing fountain consists of 4 groups of different water features: Laminar Jet Water Feature, Rotary Spray Water Feature, Areated Spray Water Feature and Flower Shape Spray Water Feature. Each group can perform separately or combined together.

Fountain Around Cafeter Design by Shirley -

(Fountain Around Cafeter Design by Shirley –

This is the 4 water feature :

Areated Water Feature 2 by Shirley -

(Areated Water Feature  by Shirley)

Flower Shape Spray Water Feature 2 by Shirley -

(Flower Shape Spray Water Feature  by Shirley)

Rotary Spray Water Feature by Shirley -

(Rotary Spray Water Feature by Shirley)