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[Boao] Culture + Tourism To Explore New Directions For Reform And Opening Up
- Jul 06, 2018 -

  The integration of culture and travel promotes the two-way innovation of "culture + tourism"

Tourism is essentially culture, and the essence of tourism innovation is actually cultural innovation. Taking the tourism planning business as an example, each project needs to carry out in-depth cultural excavation in the early stage and find an accurate cultural orientation for the destination. For the destination, any cultural innovation will affect the transformation and upgrading of the tourism industry to a certain extent.

The integration of culture and travel promotes continuous innovation

   From the perspective of the high-quality development of China's economy, the two-way innovation of “culture + tourism” is a sustainable innovation. The basis for high-quality development is the ecological environment. The cultural industry and the tourism industry are all green industries, and they are all industries that are conducive to protecting the ecological environment. Through the "tourism + ecology", a new format can be formed, and the green hills will become the Jinshan Yinshan. And this is the main connotation of high quality development.

President Xi Jinping also emphasized at the Boao Forum for Asia: "To face the future, we must respect the nature, cherish the earth, establish a green, low-carbon, sustainable development concept, respect, adapt, protect the natural ecology, and strengthen climate change, environmental protection, energy conservation and reduction. Exchange and cooperation in areas such as platoons, sharing experiences, meeting challenges, and constantly developing a civilized development path of production development, affluent life, and good ecology, leaving blue sky and blue water and green mountains for our children and grandchildren."

    For tourism destinations, in order to develop a civilized development path of production development, affluent life and good ecology, we must adhere to the integration of culture and travel, and take "culture + tourism" as the core engine of destination development.