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A Detailed Analysis Of Musical Water Fountain
- Sep 21, 2017 -

     Using the physical waveform of the music file, it is divided into several passages, the accuracy of up to 10 milliseconds, and automatically recognize shock, missing, lyrical, joy, passionate, sad, cheerful, enthusiastic and other music of the basic emotional characteristics of the conversion to control signals, after the synchronization process through the signal output card output to the peripheral specific control unit, That is, according to the water configuration rules to control the submersible pump, solenoid valve, underwater lantern and inverter and other executing agencies, the visual feelings and auditory feelings into one.Water Fountain

     When people feel all kinds of sound, will unconsciously to these auditory feelings and other non-auditory organs of the feelings of connection, this phenomenon is called synesthesia, belong to a heterogeneous heterogeneity of the state of the corresponding phenomenon. In general, the notes in the treble area are often and brightly perceived, the positive or happy mood is linked together, the notes in the bass area are often associated with dim visual sensations, depressions, or sad moods; a soothing rhythm is easy to feel open spaces or calmer emotions, And the rapid pace is easy to let a person feel narrow space, emotional restlessness and so on.Water Fountain

     Fountain repertoire is based on the phenomenon of synesthesia to form a variety of water, such as choreographer a dance, in order to make the performance successful, the director needs to consider what kind of body movements dancers to express the emotional charm of music.Water Fountain

     With the continuous improvement of the material and spiritual living standards of our people, many kinds of music fountain can be seen in the civic squares, units and residents ' living quarters of Chinese cities. The Fountain of Music, as the name implies, refers to the water form of the fountain according to the rhythm and rhythm of the music played regularly changes, supplemented by light, laser or other media changes, in people's vision and hearing to form a harmonious unity, so that people in the spirit of a pleasant feeling.Water Fountain