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3 Ways To Put Fire In Your Landscape Fountain Designs For Sale
- Aug 02, 2018 -

Fountain water features are mostly created by the pressure of water pump. Fountain nozzle sprays water columns with different heights and angles, cooperates with other positions water columns, fixed lights, additional music to form a dancing fountain landscape. However, this kind of fountain landscape can be seen everywhere, it lacks of new ideas, lacks of the creation of fresh feelings.

Thanks to the development of construction technology of landscape fountain, more and more special effects are integrated into fountain landscape. In traditional concept, fire and water can’t be together, but with the hard work of GO Fountain Group, now it can. In this post we will focus on the FIRE element for in water fountain.

To put fire with water in fountain project, there are 3 ways.

Fire Jet

The fire jet is one of the most special fountain water features in fountain performance. Instead of using the water, it applies the fire to express the beauty of fountain. Integrated with the water features, the fountain shows the coexistence of fire and water and the harmony of the nature.

The fire jet is made up with the flamethrower, electronic ignition system, control system, fuel tank, nitrogen tank (for oil fuel), pressure gauge, etc. It can take both oil and LPG as fuel.

3D Fire JET

Normal fire jet sprays fire and the fire only towards to one direction. Can we make the fire towards to other directions? With the 3D fire jet, this would be possible. This 3D fire jet is combined with 3D base and fire jet.

Powered by the 3D base, the fire is able to spray towards many directions. Just think about the 3D water feature and replace water feature to fire feature.

Water & Fire  Mixed Jet

Now we got fire and water together in a fountain. That’s already very much eye catching. But technology never stops. Previously the fire jet sprays fire, water jet sprays water. We just put fire jet near water jet to create the illusion that fire dances with jet. Some fountain geek may ask that can we make water & fire spray out from one nozzle. Yes, we can, you heard it right.

The water & fire mixed jet literally combines the two elements in one which is quite amazing, right. Now you can enjoy the soothing and calming sounds of water & fire together.

Running Fire

Running Fire is more fun, it looks like fires are chasing each other on the surface of water, Fires are running on top of water, did this sound weried to you?

You may think that how can a fire stay on top of water without be put out? This is craze. See below video you will understand.

Above you can find 3 ways to combine water with fire: Fire Jet, Fire & Water Mixed Jet, running Fire. I hope you enjoy.