Suzhou Gold Ocean Co.,Ltd
27*27*10m Triangle Shape Floor Fountain in Kazan, Russia
- Sep 27, 2016 -

Project Name: 27*27*10m Triangle Shape Music Dancing Floor Fountain

Finish Time: August of 2016
Country: Kazan, Russia

Suzhou Gold Ocean Co., Ltd has a new fountain project in Kazan, Russia.
This project is a 27*27*10m Triangle Shape Music Dancing Floor Fountain, consist of 4 groups of water jets, 76pcs of straight spray nozzles, 152pcs of multicolored LED lights and 7pcs of submersible pumps.
Musical dancing fountain working principle is like this, the music controller will identify the music signal from DVD player automatically and conver it into control signal, then the fountain will work according to music rhythm and beat.
Here is Youtube video link: