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25m Program Control Fountain in Ukraine
- May 23, 2016 -

Project Name: 25m Program Control Water Fountain

Finish Time: August of 2012

Country: Ukraine


This fountain is located in Cherkassy of Ukraine. And the fountain size is around 25x25m. It is made up with 2 pools. One inside pool and one outside pool. The inside pool wall is higher so it can form the waterfall effect. This fountain has totally 3 routes of sprays from outside pool to inside pool and 1 circle of sprays at the center of inside pool. Each route of sprays has 50pcs of nozzles, and center circle spray has 24pcs of nozzles. Each nozzle has 1pc of LED light. Apply the inverter, each spray can change height gradually, so it is very variable in performance.

We also upload the fountain video on Youtube, click follw link to watch: