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Fountain Equipments

  • Water Screen Projector

    Water Screen Projector

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  • Fountain Sound System

    Fountain Sound System

    The sound system is the essential part of music dancing fountain. It has two functions. Firstly, it can input the music signal to control system, so that the water features can dancing with music; Secondly, it will amplify the sound of music and output to the public.Read More

  • Fountain Pump

    Fountain Pump

    Pumps are used in a variety of landscaping applications either to create a water feature or to help the functioning of a small, natural pond. These pumps circulate water, improving water quality through aeration and creating fountains, waterfalls, and tumbling streams. All of...Read More

  • Fountain Parts

    Fountain Parts

    1.Company Information 2.Our Advantages 3.Our Service Fountain design (finish within 3 working days) Animation video is available upon request (this service is chargeable) Fountain manufacturing with top grade material On-site installation and technical training 12-month free...Read More

  • Fountain Nozzle

    Fountain Nozzle

    Fountain spray nozzle create beautiful performance for lakes and water pools of all sizes. The performance of all fountain spray nozzles is directly affected by the shape of nozzles and water quantity the pump provide. For a higher and wider spray pattern in your pond, a...Read More

  • Fountain Light

    Fountain Light

    With multicolored LED lights, the fountain becomes more vivid at night. The lights and water sprays perfectly correspond to each other, which bring to people a fantastic eye feast. We have floor fountain lights, underwater lights, all lights are with stainless steel shell....Read More

  • Fountain Filtration System

    Fountain Filtration System

    Product Description Sand filters are used for water purification. There are three main types; Rapid (gravity) sand filters Upflow sand filters Slow sand filters All three methods are used extensively in the water industry throughout the world. The first two require the use of...Read More

  • Fountain Control System

    Fountain Control System

    Fountain Control System has the function of music collection. According to the characteristics of different music, the control system could give different control signal to the execution system to realize the dancing of fountain. The designer could set the intensity of signal...Read More

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